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NARROW CASTING is a breakthrough technology offered by INFOCAST MEDIA, the implementation service is managed by deploying a team of professionals from the field of Information Technology has been successfully tested and implemented in NATURALS - India’s No.1 hair and beauty salon network.

The concept can be applied to various sectors such as Financial Institutions, interactive means of communications, Industrial establishments, travel and tourism, Health care, and many more.

The ability of NARROW CASTING, to put it simply is to control and schedule the transmission of information and other multimedia content to hundreds, even thousands of display monitors from a single desktop.
Advertising, news, focused information or any other visual communication can be easily distributed to NARROW CASTING displays via our Platform.

NARROW CASTING Can be Effectively Deployed in the Following Avenues.

Retail | Corporate | Government | Education | Supermarkets | Hospitality | Transportation


Narrowcasting solution provides a complete end-to-end digital signage platform for Retail applications. The Narrowcasting solution platform facilitates the entire digital signage solution from content creation to in-store display, even for large-scale deployments, allowing brand advertisers and retailers to focus on delivering the RIGHT message to the RIGHT audience at the RIGHT time.             


Narrowcasting solution transforms companies into flourishing news reporting, broadcasting and viewing organizations. Employees are able to create engaging multimedia content right from their desktops. Then those messages can be broadcast via the company's corporate communications network to strategic locations using the most powerful form of media delivery - digital signage.


Narrowcasting solution manages single displays and multiple networks including municipal and public access television. Digital signage assists emergency management including police and fire stations wanting a consistent yet local perspective, all designed and distributed from a single location.


From creating content to scheduling to distribution and playback, Narrowcasting solution can handle everything in a campus TV network. Plus, the entire system can be managed by any number of people, be it a single teacher, or an entire classroom of students. 


Narrowcasting solution enables store owners to install channels of digital signage displays that deliver specific departmental advertising focused at the customer at the critical last mile of the retail buying decision, the point-of-purchase. In-store TV channels are controlled from a central location and can be updated locally if desired.                


Narrowcasting solution provides end-to-end functionality for interactive kiosks to serve as virtual concierges in hotel lobbies providing dinner reservations, directions, activity schedules, and ticket reservations for hotel guests. Large flat-screen displays provide business executives information on meeting rooms and schedules.


Narrowcasting solution can be deployed in airports and train stations around the world helping people make reservations, displaying schedules and showing branded advertising for on-site shops.